Crucification Of Your Soul

The day before yesterday I was talking to someone who had been through living hell. Trusting someone who claimed to be a Christian and then destroyed *** trust. There was a lot more to it, and this person was a mature Christian with a lot of discernment.

I have said it before and I am going to say it again, these end time demonic spirits occupying empty shells are strong but greater is God who is in us then Satan who is in the world.

Being restored to God after a hard situation often leaves us broken and wondering why God allowed it in the first place if he loves us.

But, beloved of the Lord, Jesus understood that he would go through a whole lot of pain. Even though he knew that, at the end of his earthly walk, he said to the Father, “Father if possible let me escape this, HOWEVER, not My will but thy will be done.”

At the end of His horrible painful death he rose again to life! The ending was worth the pain!

You who have been through soul crucification need to know that the purpose for this was so you would come out of this with more wisdom and more understanding so that you could love and show compassion to others experiencing horrible betrayal and rejection too.

The Father trusted that the son was strong enough for His mission and likewise the Father knew you were strong enough to not only survive but, in the end, thrive through your horrible experiences.

Throw off the clothes of grief and go forward to help others who have suffered what you went through. God will restore you and replace, doubly, all you lost!

In His Unconditional Love

Cathie Miller

Friendship With Unbelievers


If you are a person who wants everyone to like you the Christian walk will be very hard for you.

When we are born again we take on the Christian life, as Christ did. A whole lot of people did not like Christ and a whole lot of people do not like Christians.

Coming out as a believer, online or at work, will open you up to a whole lot of ridicule. If you haven’t been a subject of other peoples ridicule and hate I can guarantee you that they have no idea that you belong to Christ.

People get so upset when they have people online argue with them and basically show that they dislike them and their viewpoints.

First of all I say to those people, the ones that are upset all the time by what others say to them, why do you associate so much with those who aren’t believers? By doing so you only bring drama to your lives.

Two years ago God spoke to me to quit getting so upset and delete a lot of people who were constantly challenging my viewpoint, which happens to be the Bibles’ viewpoint. At first I tried to reason with certain people, but after a while I began to see that it was futile and Satan was using it to upset my peace of mind. The majority of these people, like ourselves, are set in their beliefs and just like we don’t intend to change our Christian beliefs, they do not intend to change their anti-Christ beliefs.

I don’t work out of my home so it’s much easier for me to weed out troublemakers from my life.

I didn’t realize what a peaceful life I have created for myself until I joined a couple of groups online that are filled with a lot of unbelievers. The constant arguments, the terrible things they say to other people, the way they are unable to entertain any ideas other then their own is quite frustrating.

Yes, we have to interact with all kinds of people in this world. It cannot be avoided for most working people. Even those who work out of our homes have clients and customers that are not believers. We have to learn to tread softly with these folks if we do not want a drama filled life. That cannot be avoided. It is what it is.

However, we have complete control over who we let in our homes. Show me your friends and I will be able to see your level of commitment to Christ. Keep people away who are still involved in drugs, are alcoholics, or unbelievers. These people will bring you down. We become like who we spend a lot of time with. When we spend a lot of time in the Word of God and with Christ it shows. When we don’t it shows also. It always entertains me to see people who live like the devil try and convince others they are Christians. Christ said. “Take up your cross and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23)”

Part of taking up your cross is laying down of things, and people, not pleasing to God. If you have constant drama in your life it’s because you are trying to have one foot in heaven and leaving your other foot in hell with hellish people.

Lonely for fellowship? There are so many great churches, especially in big cities, that you can attend and find many other people who think like you do. People that will disciple you and be there for you are people that are other Christians. Bible believing and Christ worshipping people pray for others and help them when possible. If you get discouraged that none of your friends are there for you, take a good look at them. Are they drinking and drugging buddies? Those people are only interested in what YOU can do for them, not what THEY can do for you.

I personally would rather have NO friends then so called friends that have no love for others in their hearts.

Realize there is something wrong with those people. Realize they will only change when THEY are ready to change. Find Christian fellowship in a non-denominational Church where people really love Christ and live for Him. These people are not your Tribe. They are against you because they don’t have the same daddy you do. Your daddy is Christ. Christian people, when acting bad, have the Holy Spirit who guides them back into truth and right living. People who don’t have a commitment to Christ feel like they can do and say whatever they want to do and say, because they belong to the evil one. The devil is evil. Don’t be surprised therefore when people who belong to him are evil too.

I am asking you today to get the drama out of your life by getting the people out of your life who add nothing to your life but drama. If you work with these people, do your job. Say what you have to say to them, but DO NOT share your life with these people. Smile, be kind but DO NOT associate with people who subconsciously see you as the enemy.

In His Unconditional Love,
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The Spirit Of Imaginations

Forty years ago I went for Christian Counseling with the pastor of the church I attended at that time.

The pastor said to me, “Cathie, you have a demon of imaginations oppressing you.” I said, “What are you talking about?” He went on to tell me that I was imagining things that were not true in my interactions with other people. He said that Satan was putting thoughts about situations, that were not true, in my mind and I was getting anxiety over these things and then would obsess over something I took personal that someone had said or done to me.

So guess what? I took offense to what that pastor said, thought he was nuts and never went back for counseling with him.

Many, many years after God said the same thing to me and this time it took. I was ready for the pain to go! I confessed my problem to God, got prayed over and started to let God renew my mind.

Now helping others, using what God showed and taught me, is something I do often. Obsessive thoughts of anger and resentment are not living our best lives. God can renew our minds once we admit our thoughts are out of control.

We can start By rebuking Satan for tempting us to abuse our gift of imagination

Let us avoid Eve’s mistake and not imagine things about God that are untrue as a result of Satan’s attacks on our thoughts. Like Jesus when He confronted Satan in the desert, we can rebuke the devil in Jesus’ name and command him to leave us. We will only serve God with our minds and make our thoughts obedient to Christ.

Matthew 4:10 ESV Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”

2 Corinthians 10:5 ESV We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,

In His Unconditional Love

Cathie Miller

God’s Barbie Doll


In 1959 I was thrilled to be the owner of one of the first Barbie dolls
to be distributed. My closest playmate lived across the street from
us. Her father was a toy salesman who attended a toy show in New
York City, NY that year. While he was attending the doll, destined to
be famous, was introduced. He was fortunate enough to obtain two
of them. He bought one for Susan and one for me.
The doll came in a somewhat plain box, especially when
you compare it to the Barbie dolls of today. The doll was wearing a
black and white swimsuit. Very modest, by today’s standards, I
must say! She had a blonde ponytail and her make-up was very
unique with highly arched eyebrows. I thought she was beautiful!

As time went by, they came out with more and more
clothes for Barbie. My playmate and I spent hours upon hours
dressing her and imagining her going on glamorous excursions. A
friend of my family even made my Barbie a custom wardrobe. The
Christmas, following the time I had received my Barbie, she gave me
a huge shoebox full of Barbie doll clothes. Those clothes were my
favorite gifts that Christmas and I played with my Barbie and
dressed her in all sorts of glamorous outfits.

The years of childhood seemed to fly by and before you
knew it I was starting to want to fix my hair nice and put on make
up. I started to look at magazines and began to compare my looks
to those of the beautiful models and movie stars I saw. In my mind I
never did look as pretty as my first role model, Barbie, and those
girls in Seventeen magazines.

I have baby fine hair that would never hold a curl. My
features aren’t quite as perfect as I thought they should be. I begin
to obsess with my nose. It is larger than it should be and no matter
how much make-up I put on it never looked as nice as I thought it
should. I begin to feel that when anyone looked at me they thought
“My goodness, what a big nose she has.” This feeling stayed with
me for years. My self-esteem was never as good, at that time, as it
should have been.

In 1979 I was facilitating a woman’s bible study in my
home. We got on the subject of low self-esteem. During prayer
request time I asked for the ladies to pray that God would restore
my self-esteem, I admitted my feeling that I was never pretty. I
admitted the fact that I had wished I could get a nose job. To my
amazement after the bible study ended several women came up to
me and said the following “I don’t know what you are talking about,
I have never even noticed your nose before!”

I knew they were just trying to be kind
It was then that I begin to deal with my self-esteem
issues. While I was praying one day, the Lord brought an image to
my mind. I was six years old at the time and my mother and I were
at a store shopping. My mother ran into one of her friends from
high school. The friend said, “Is that your little girl? She sure is
pretty!” To which my mother replied, “She isn’t pretty, but she is
such a sweet little girl.” Those words had taken root in my spirit
and though I had forgotten about it, the Lord wanted me to know
that it was then that satan used my mother’s words to plant a seed
of low self-esteem in my spirit.
I had to deal with the hurt that remark had caused. I had
to forgive my mother and realize that in God’s eyes each one of us
is beautiful. God showed me a field of flowers during one of my
intimate prayer times with Him. I saw a field of beautiful flowers..All
red and all tulips. The scene changed and then I saw another field
of flowers. The flowers in this scene were all multicolored there
were tulips, irises, roses, lilacs, etc. The Lord then spoke to my
heart “Which scene did you enjoy the most.” I thought “Well of
course, the multicolored one.” Then it was as if I heard God say “So,
did I!” “In my garden I have children of every color and each one is
unique. That is what makes them so beautiful to look at!” I thought
about that and realized how true it is. It is our uniqueness that
makes the world so interesting. How boring it would be if everyone
looked alike!

Now that I am a grandmother I look back upon pictures
of myself when I was young and think “Wow, I sure wish I had
known at that time, how much I had going for me. I was really

The things I have learned about being beautiful come from
scripture. God tells us that we “are the apples of his eye”. In Isaiah
64 V 8 the bible says “But now, O Lord, Thou art our Father, We are
the clay, and thou our potter; and all of us are the work of Thy
hand.” God made you and me especially for His enjoyment. He
made us all unique and He took time in doing so. He worked with
the clay and then when He got it just so, we were created, to be a
piece of heavenly art. Who are we to question the work of the
Master artist?

Knowing who I am and what I mean to the father has changed my
life. I no longer suffer from feelings of not being beautiful. I know
that I am a daughter of the King of the Universe and to Him I am a
thing of beauty. Whenever I have moments of doubt I remember
that and walk into a room, head held high.

Proverbs 31 V 10- 31 doesn’t talk about the beauty of a Barbie
doll, the beauty of a movie star or the beauty of a model. To find
out what the Lord considers to be a beautiful woman read it and let
the words of that Proverb be who you are; the Proverbs 31 woman.
A woman who is found beautiful by God, her husband and her
children. When all is said and done the old saying “Beauty is within”
is still true! Make yourself and your life something beautiful in the
eyes of your Creator and those who know you!

“Charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain (because it is
not lasting), but a woman who reverently and worshipfully fears the
Lord, she shall be praised” Proverbs 31 V 30. Amplified Bible.

In God’s Unconditional Love,

Cathie Miller


A Word Of Warning!

Warning**** If you are easily upset, please read no further*****

Wow! I very seldom give warning prophecy. I very seldom give it when I can’t tell anyone what exactly to be on guard about but today I am going to do just that.

I woke up early after having a very demonic dream. I lay there in bed and tried to figure out that dream, while asking God for discernment and peace. Finally I fell back to sleep and had two more horrible dreams, one right after the other.

I forced myself to awake. When I did I could still sense the evil atmosphere around me. I had to go into deep prayer in tongues. Prayer and PRAISE.

I realized I had escaped the realm of sleep in which we are passive and the evil one can and does torment us.

I believe the reason we have been hearing so many prophets and preachers warning to get junk out of our lives and live a higher level of holiness is because all hell is beginning to be unleashed on the world. A demonic horde that is worse then what we have seen before.

Something bad is coming. I believe it is going to be seen world wide as 9-11 was seen worldwide.

Get right with God, Our only refuge. The children of God, staying close to him, will be able to escape. Just barely, as I did in my dream atmosphere this morning.

Get your house in order. Spiritually and physically!

I hate this kind of warning. I know people would rather hear encouragement but I am releasing this Word as I feel God wants me to do so.


In His Unconditional Love


Who Do You Depend On The Most?

This is not as easy as it seems. How much do you depend on someone else’s help? How much do you depend on your bank account or your savings? Imagine if everyone of these things was gone overnight? Now this is where the rubber meets the road. When people die unexpectedly,or become ill and are no longer there for you, and it’s just you and God what do you do?

In the natural we start to worry. We think one negative thought and then they snowball and then the next thing we know we are in full panic mode. I know because I have been there. Even as a Christian who professes to depend on God we live in these suits of flesh and the spirit is willing to trust in God but the flesh is weak.

When you first read this who came to your mind first? Did you say, “That won’t happen to me. No matter what happens I can depend on “so and so” helping me out. I will be Okay!”

But what if the worst happens. I spoke to a younger couple in the last year who depended heavily on his father for help. They were living in a home he owned. They were driving a car he gave them and if they were late on a bill they didn’t worry much because good old dad would bail them out.

On his way home from work one day a lady in another car ran a light and his dad was killed instantly. After that they saw a side of dad’s wife, his step mother, that they never saw coming. She now gave them a thirty day notice and told them they would need to move because she wanted/needed to sell the home they were living in. That was a plot twist they never saw coming and they had to face being without a back up system for the first time ever.

The good news is that drove them to God. But in the meantime, with no money saved, they had moments of panic.

The only way to make it through panic and worry is to learn to live strictly in the moment with God. Ground yourself by telling your mind STOP. Then be present with what you can do at the moment. Get your mind off of the problem by doing something else. Read a book, clean something or organize your closet. Get so involved in the moment you are in that you have no time to panic. Then, without panic thoughts, your mind becomes clear and God inspired ideas will come into your mind.

Anyone we put our trust in, besides God, can be gone in the blink of an eye. I urge you to become self-sufficient. Sooner or later you will have to do it anyway.

Then, LEARN TO BE IN THE MOMENT. Thinking about the what-ifs drive us to anxiety attacks. You don’t need to be anywhere except in the moment you are in. Depend on God and yourself ONLY.

In His Unconditional Love


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A New Level!

It takes a lot of faith to sit with this truth. It hurts so much when God takes someone(s) ,or something, out of your life BUT he’s taking you to another level and on that level the partying, the half-baked, in name only, Christians will not be able to go. On the new level peace is possible in the midst of all kinds of situations that would normally stress you. On the new level God will whisper unto people to bless you and they will be obedient and do that. On the new level supernatural miracles occur daily.

Some of you need to want this level enough to let people and things that are keeping you bound GO!

God started the day telling me this, and he has continued it. This is not about judging anyone. It’s about God saying to you to get it together now, or stay in lack and stay where nothing is changing.


In His Unconditional Love


It Takes Guts To Leave The Ruts

Have you heard the saying, “It takes guts to leave the ruts,”.

At the start of a new work week consider that God wants to take you in a new direction to grow you so that you can reach higher spiritual heights! Surrender your desire for things to only work out in one way and one way only. If you keep doing what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten.

Psalm 32:8-9

I hear the Lord saying, “I will stay close to you, instructing and guiding you along the pathway for your life. I will advise you along the way and lead you forth with my eyes as your guide. So don’t make it difficult; don’t be stubborn when I take you where you’ve not been before. Don’t make me tug you and pull you along. Just come with me!”

In His Unconditional Love


God’s Got Your Backslidden Loved One

Just something going through my mind. Every now and then your heart gets broken when someone you had high hopes for, someone you know has a calling on their life, starts hanging with the wrong people and living like the devil. You wonder what happened? Did you miss God? Was this person never saved to begin with?

No, just the opposite. The devil was so afraid of the anointing on that person’s life that he brought in the big guns to take the person down. He studied the believer, listened to their prayers, knew their weaknesses and used those things to tempt them and bring them down.

But don’t worry! God’s word tells us he has tattooed their name on the palm of his hand. They belong to Him. God knows it and so does the devil. They don’t lose their anointing. God will let them fall and fall hard until the only thing they can do is look up and ask God to restore them!

He will too, because they belong to him. He has a father’s heart! So don’t be downcast family and friends. They won’t be playing in the pigs trough forever!

In His Unconditional Love


The Right Solution Will Give You Peace

trees in park

Discernment is a gift that everyone has access to. Many don’t experience the peace that comes from following God-given discernment because they don’t use it on a regular basis.

I believe the more we follow the discernment that God gives us the more discernment God will give us. When we get a feeling about something and then ignore it we often end up regretting it.

For me when I am doing the right thing I experience a great deal of peace.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I began to get concerned. My iPad, which is about four years old or so, stopped charging. Now, my iPad has my whole life on it. I have notes from counseling sessions with clients, passwords, all my credit card companies so that I can check my accounts and pay online, my bank account, my book manuscripts, my blog manuscripts, my pharmacy information, my doctor’s office records, you name it.

Frankly, I have had trouble with my iPad not charging before, but usually by buying a new cable the problem is resolved. I have a iPhone but the screen is hard for me to read. With my older eyes I need something larger.

So, what to do? I would ideally like a new iPad but I cannot afford to buy one at this time. So, I went to the Apple store online and found an iPad I liked. I saw there that I might be able to buy one with payments. I checked into it and the payments were too high. I discussed it with my husband and he said, “You have to have one. Consider it a ministry tool that you MUST have and go ahead and put it on credit. God knows you need one and he will supply the money for the payments.”

So, that made sense and I started to try and buy one online. I begin to feel terribly anxious. I knew that I was not in God’s will to make payments. I had no peace about it and every time I started to put my information in to qualify I felt anxious again. Even though it made sense that I needed one, I knew that that payment was not what God wanted me to do.

What is right gives you a sense of peace. When you are going against your God given discernment you will just not feel right about your decision. If you go ahead anyway it usually ends up bad.

What ever gives you a sense of struggle and strife is false. Whether it’s a relationship, a major purchase, a job, or a person, if you don’t have peace do not do it.

I then went into prayer. I said, “God buying a new iPad is not in my budget right now, and I would have to finance it. I don’t feel right about it. What do you want me to do? I could buy a cheap tablet but it would be a hassle to move all my things over with anything but iPad, which would automatically transfer to a new one.”
I prayed and then I made a decision to step away from it for a while. I started cleaning my stove. I figured that would take a lot of time and take my mind away from the problem. Believe it or not it seemed to clear my head.

I sat down to relax after my cleaning job and immediately something came into my mind. I remembered last week my husband said he thought we had suffered a power surge. Could that have fried the cord I was using? Maybe that was it. I tried several cables in that same outlet to charge it and nothing worked. I tried different outlets, near by, with the same cables and they would charge but really slowly. I remembered that I had bought a couple of new cables awhile back. I also knew, through the help of God, that I should try using the USB in a newer surge protector that I had. This whole thought process was absent when I was stressing over it. Now it seemed obvious.

So, I did that and it worked. I am now having to use the new cable in that surge protector each time I charge the iPad but it WORKS. Praise the Lord.


I urge you to develop your God given discernment by only moving forward into something when you experience peace.

One other thing I advise is giving the problem a break. Do something else that takes your mind off of the problem. Walk away from it. Stress causes confusion. Just stepping away for a while will often clear your head to where God can give you a divine solution!

In His Unconditional Love,