Friendship With Unbelievers


If you are a person who wants everyone to like you the Christian walk will be very hard for you.

When we are born again we take on the Christian life, as Christ did. A whole lot of people did not like Christ and a whole lot of people do not like Christians.

Coming out as a believer, online or at work, will open you up to a whole lot of ridicule. If you haven’t been a subject of other peoples ridicule and hate I can guarantee you that they have no idea that you belong to Christ.

People get so upset when they have people online argue with them and basically show that they dislike them and their viewpoints.

First of all I say to those people, the ones that are upset all the time by what others say to them, why do you associate so much with those who aren’t believers? By doing so you only bring drama to your lives.

Two years ago God spoke to me to quit getting so upset and delete a lot of people who were constantly challenging my viewpoint, which happens to be the Bibles’ viewpoint. At first I tried to reason with certain people, but after a while I began to see that it was futile and Satan was using it to upset my peace of mind. The majority of these people, like ourselves, are set in their beliefs and just like we don’t intend to change our Christian beliefs, they do not intend to change their anti-Christ beliefs.

I don’t work out of my home so it’s much easier for me to weed out troublemakers from my life.

I didn’t realize what a peaceful life I have created for myself until I joined a couple of groups online that are filled with a lot of unbelievers. The constant arguments, the terrible things they say to other people, the way they are unable to entertain any ideas other then their own is quite frustrating.

Yes, we have to interact with all kinds of people in this world. It cannot be avoided for most working people. Even those who work out of our homes have clients and customers that are not believers. We have to learn to tread softly with these folks if we do not want a drama filled life. That cannot be avoided. It is what it is.

However, we have complete control over who we let in our homes. Show me your friends and I will be able to see your level of commitment to Christ. Keep people away who are still involved in drugs, are alcoholics, or unbelievers. These people will bring you down. We become like who we spend a lot of time with. When we spend a lot of time in the Word of God and with Christ it shows. When we don’t it shows also. It always entertains me to see people who live like the devil try and convince others they are Christians. Christ said. “Take up your cross and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23)”

Part of taking up your cross is laying down of things, and people, not pleasing to God. If you have constant drama in your life it’s because you are trying to have one foot in heaven and leaving your other foot in hell with hellish people.

Lonely for fellowship? There are so many great churches, especially in big cities, that you can attend and find many other people who think like you do. People that will disciple you and be there for you are people that are other Christians. Bible believing and Christ worshipping people pray for others and help them when possible. If you get discouraged that none of your friends are there for you, take a good look at them. Are they drinking and drugging buddies? Those people are only interested in what YOU can do for them, not what THEY can do for you.

I personally would rather have NO friends then so called friends that have no love for others in their hearts.

Realize there is something wrong with those people. Realize they will only change when THEY are ready to change. Find Christian fellowship in a non-denominational Church where people really love Christ and live for Him. These people are not your Tribe. They are against you because they don’t have the same daddy you do. Your daddy is Christ. Christian people, when acting bad, have the Holy Spirit who guides them back into truth and right living. People who don’t have a commitment to Christ feel like they can do and say whatever they want to do and say, because they belong to the evil one. The devil is evil. Don’t be surprised therefore when people who belong to him are evil too.

I am asking you today to get the drama out of your life by getting the people out of your life who add nothing to your life but drama. If you work with these people, do your job. Say what you have to say to them, but DO NOT share your life with these people. Smile, be kind but DO NOT associate with people who subconsciously see you as the enemy.

In His Unconditional Love,
Cathie Miller for email or donations to this ministry


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