My Testimony And The Difference Between Truth And Judgement


The day before the Southwest Airlines incident, in which the woman was partially ejected from her seat and died, I experienced a shift in the atmosphere. I only mentioned it to my husband. I then read, and heard, of several other Christians that felt the same thing.


The folks that felt this “shift” did so between March 15 and March 20th of 2018.


By shift, what do I mean? I mean that God physically manifested a shift in the spiritual atmosphere. I knew, that I knew, we were going on to another level of battle in the spiritual realm.


I want to be really careful here. I ABSOLUTELY mean NO disrespect to anyone who was on that plane, and especially not to the poor woman who died! If that is not clear to you please do yourself a favor and quit reading NOW!


I inquired, of God, about the symbolism of that horrible incident, in prayer to the Lord. I knew that God knew that the woman, Jennifer Riordan, was a Christian who spent her life spreading love to everyone who knew her. Bottom line, I feel like she must be with the Lord, and that she must have gone there immediately. Granted, as someone said to me, “You don’t know what she was like in private.” No I do not. I do know however that you can put on a show for just so long and sooner or later you show your true colors. No one said anything but nice things about her. Now perhaps, through her death, much needed lessons were, and will be, learned by those who were close to her. I leave that to God.


Getting back to the symbolism. I have read countless stories about what happened. Every story said that there was a loud BOOM and then she was “sucked” out of her seat.


It reminded me of the pictures and sermons I have heard of the Rapture. There is a loud blast, of a Trumpet and then every one, who is going to be with the Lord, will rise. That is the Rapture of the dead in Christ and those who are fully surrendered to him. Then those who are left on the earth, the ones who are saved but not committed fully and the unsaved, will go through the Tribulation. It is not going to be pleasant. Then there is the Second Coming. At the time of the Second Coming Christ will come back with the dead in Christ and the fully surrendered that went during the Rapture, prior to the Tribulation. I am simplifying this. You can read the story in the book of Revelation, and there are many sermons you can read or listen to online to understand this clearly. I suggest Chuck Missler or Jonathan Kahn for clarification and further study about the above.


I believe the Rapture of the Church is imminent. I don’t believe in date setting but I do believe that we are very, very close to the Rapture and then the Tribulation. The tribulation will be worse then anything you can ever imagine it to be. Be prepared NOW so that you will not have to experience the horrible things coming on the earth


I want you to know that if you feel I am being “judgmental” at times it’s because I do know, without a doubt, that the Rapture is right upon us. I do not want anyone I care about, and those God cares about, to have to go through the tribulation.


I want to share a little about my life. I was first saved in 1976. It was during the Jesus Movement and I was living in California. I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and immediately God used me to facilitate Bible Studies in my home. I was a babe in Christ; I certainly did not know enough to teach so God put me in touch with a mentor. She would come to my home once a week and lead the bible study. God’s presence was flowing. We saw miracle after miracle. Many women, who attended, were saved. It was truly the most beautiful time of my life.


Satan immediately came against me. I didn’t have the tools to fight the devil, as I did not know the Word of God, which is the armor of God we need to resist the devil.


I began to experience marital problems. I went through a lot of confusion. I had baggage from my childhood. Before I knew it I was backslidden. I got involved in going to bars with my girlfriends, and light drug use and alcohol. My ex husband was doing the same. I then got a divorce and moved back to Albuquerque.


From there things went from bad to worse. I went through one horribly dysfunctional relationship after another. I knew I wasn’t living for God and I began to make excuses.


I would find ways of saying that the bible didn’t mean we could not do this or that. I still believed in God but I justified my not living completely for him. I lived for the fun of life. I thought life was a banquet and I was starving. Drugs, sex and rock and roll were what were going on back then and I was involved in it. My friends were also involved in it.


I had no direction and no goals. I would work for money and then spend it all as soon as I got it. God was trying to get my attention. A few times I tried going back to church and I had good intentions but by the next Friday I was ready to party again. I told myself that God was love and God would not send me to hell because He loved me. Satan had me in deception.


Now, when you backslide God will come after you. He will chase you down and allow Satan to strip everything from you until you get right with Him again. Sometimes, and I have seen it often, He will stop giving you chances. I have had friends who were doing that one last hit, that one last drug deal and God said, “NO MORE!” At a point He turns us over to our own devices.


I was dating a bad class of men. Men, like me, who worked and partied and had no direction. I met a lot of men who did drugs all day, couldn’t hold a job and expected women to support them. When I got wise to that, and tried to get them to leave, they turned violent and they stayed that way until I ended up physically and mentally abused and had to turn to the police and victims advocates to help me. I was, by that time, an orphan. I was an only child whose parents were older when they had me. They both died early and left me in the world alone. I did what I had to in order to survive.


In order to survive I used my God-given discernment in the New Age Movement. I studied every religious sect you can name. I tried Buddhism, Hinduism and many others.

I was at one time considered one of the top ten psychics in New Mexico. I needed peace and I tried Yoga, Meditation, you name it. During this time I worked and begin to study Psychology, wanting to get my degree in Psychology and find out what was really wrong with me. I still was backslidden and God was still working on me. In 1999 one of my sons was coming down from Meth and tried to kill me. My son would later end up in a rehab facility and he evidentially got his act together. I had so much guilt about that as I knew that he had seen all kinds of drugs brought into our home and I felt like my permissive attitude led to him getting addicted to drugs.


After years of love addiction and bad living my life was in a mess. I went to church one Sunday and Mario Murillo was a guest speaker. It was like he was speaking right to me. I realized Christ was the only answer. The Holy Spirit hit me and I went forward and recommitted my life to Christ. God took me through a lot of confession, repentance and releasing of past emotional hurts to Him. During this time I was led to not date and during this time I was convinced I was to stay celibate until, and if, God gave me a Christian man. I was so in love with the Lord that it wasn’t hard. I didn’t even miss the physical affection. I knew that God had a calling on my life and He was expediting everything. I received vivid dreams during that time. I didn’t lose my discernment, but now I was only using it to the glory of God. Satan has a counterfeit to every gift of God. After attending the new church for a while I was ordained into women’s ministry.


I began to understand I was a love addict. I begin to study that and began to start finishing my degree. Five years later I met my husband through a Christian activity. When I told him that God had called me to celibacy until marriage I was shocked when he told me he felt the same way. During our first two dates together we spent both days doing bible study. He was a Messianic Believer and so was I. We could see that God put us together for a few reasons. He is an Old Testament scholar and I am a touchy feely person who loves people and wants to see them saved and living victoriously. He taught me the deep meaning of the Word and I led him to being more of a people person.


We got married on a day of blessing, as explained in the Old Testament. I moved to Denver to live with him. Things did not go well. He had a son living with him that he had not told me about. He assumed it wouldn’t matter. My kids were grown and living on their own. I guess he thought if he told me I wouldn’t marry him. He was probably right.


The first four years of our marriage was absolutely horrible. I had been single for years and so was he. I liked being single and he did too. Neither of us wanted to give in to the other. I had a spirit of imaginations, due to my prior dysfunction, that had not been dealt with. I begin to accuse Chuck or all sorts of bad things that mostly were not true. His sons took his side. I felt ganged up on and insecure and unhappy. I tried leaving him a few times but God kept bringing me back through hard circumstances.


Chuck was totally self-centered and ego-centered. If he felt like going somewhere he would just go, not caring if he told me first or not. He had things that needed to go in his life. He hadn’t given things up that he did while single that didn’t fit into a Christian man’s life.

Through a series of hard circumstances God brought us both to our knees and we surrendered to Christian married life. Seven years afterwards he almost died, and that whole experience tempered us both out and we surrendered to Christian marriage, and ministry, and we have never looked back.


I said all of that to say this. I went through so much junk that I didn’t have to go through because I was rebellious. I thought I would have no fun being a Christian. I was so wrong! The Christian life, when you are totally committed to Christ, is fun! Yes, you still have hard times but now you are in a three-fold cord with Christ. It’s you, your spouse and Christ. It’s a covenant. You don’t easily break a covenant.


During the first of our marriage Chuck and I were still drinking occasionally. I noticed that when I was drinking I didn’t feel as close to Christ. After Chuck being ill and having to take medications he found that alcohol didn’t mix with them. We both decided that our drinking wasn’t good for us. We were more easily led into a disagreement and we didn’t like the way we felt anymore when we were drinking.


One day I read this scripture, in 1Peter 5:8. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walks about, seeking whom he may devour.”

From that point on, neither of us took another drink of alcohol.

I told you all of that because I want to explain why I am so honest and say what I think about getting sin out of our lives. Both Chuck and I wasted so much time and money living the party life when we were young. We had no goals, went from relationship to relationship, saved no money and didn’t commit ourselves to one job. We were both free spirits and we paid dearly for being free spirits.

I love people and I have dedicated the rest of my life to helping as many people as possible learn much earlier, then we did, that living for Christ is what we were born for and the longer we deny that the worst our lives become.

Heaven is not going to be a boring place. It’s going to be beautiful and fun with lovely homes to live in. Don’t miss it by wanting to hold on to temporary pleasure.

Lay down anything and everything that’s keeping you from fully surrendering to Christ. Find a good church. When I was backslidden I didn’t want to go to bible teaching churches. I didn’t want my conscience pricked. So I went to churches that occasionally read scriptures but didn’t teach the word. There are so many great churches available for folks now. Why wouldn’t you want to try one? If you make friends with people at your church you are going to find people with like minds. People who have fun and get together without drugs and alcohol. It’s that simple!

If you need help, write me. I love to mentor people. I will help you find a church in your town that will help you to grow!

I know about temptation. I know about hurt. So does God. He has been through both of those things. Please understand that I am not judgmental. I am a truth teller. I intend to keep telling the truth because I want you to know the truth. The truth will set you free!


In His Unconditional Love,



You Have Stayed Too Long In This Place


“You have stayed too long in this place”
Deuteronomy 1:1-8


There are times in every life where we become comfortable and sometimes too comfortable. Even when I worked as a volunteer with domestic violence victims they often “Stayed too long in this place.”


I think change can be hard. Even in an abusive situation people often feel like at least they know what to expect and they are at least surrounded by their things and as bad as it is it is comfortable to them in that way.


Are you feeling stuck today? You are in a rut? You get up each day and follow your routine to a “t” and yet you know that something is missing. Sometimes you have become too familiar with your life and knowing what to expect.


If nothing is moving forward in your life it could be that God wants to say to you, “You have stayed too long in this place.”


I think another reason we stay stuck is fear, fear of the unknown. You know the saying “Better the devil you know then the devil you don’t know.” We are afraid we won’t make it, we are afraid that we will fall flat on our faces and we don’t like the feeling of change for that reason.


The problem, as I see it, is that we forget what a MIGHTY God we serve. We think that we have to make things happen, we think we have to have each and every move planned in advance to feel comfortable about a life change.


As I found myself praying, once upon a time, regarding a life change God gave me clear direction that I was to move forward and away from the rut circumstances had placed me in. Yet, as much as I believe I am a faith warrior, fear began to encompass me.


As I begin to pray about that God spoke the following to my heart; “If you set out on an uncertain path in faith and sudden fear grips your heart, know that it is a device of the enemy. I am not the author of fear but of courage and a settled mind.”


I knew that God had something He desired for me to do but I didn’t have a clue what it was at the time. I did know that whenever I prayed about the situation of moving on, from the situation I was in at the time, a wonderful peace would come over me. It made no sense in the natural because I just sensed I was to leave and didn’t know where God was going to send me next.


Each day, as I waited on the Lord, it became clearer and clearer that He was in the midst of the situation. One door after the other started to open in front of me in miraculous ways. God was working in such a mighty way that it literally took my breath away. Each day God began to teach me that Satan was trying to keep me stuck in a bad situation to blind my eyes to the good God had placed directly in my path.

God may have another work for you to do, Beloved. It awaits only your willingness to trust in God no matter how much faith that takes.


God spoke to my heart that I was not to worry regarding the ways my provisions would be supplied. He spoke to my heart that there are no limits to His promises.


I want to speak to any of you today who have wavered about a “move” you feel you need to make. I believe God would say to you, “Delay no more. Obey me and do so quickly as a door is opening to you that may soon be shut. Renew your faith and look directly to Me. I will empower you and I will make ALL THINGS possible as you move forward in obedience to Me.”


I believe we have a certain level of faith at times. We can believe for a small amount. When it comes to miraculous levels of help, that we need, we have a harder time believing for a move of God. Yet, I believe that our faith will be increased as we take a massive leap into the unknown and see God perform miracles for us there.


Peace In The Midst Of Our Enemies

Guardian Angels Children 01

Peace In The Midst of Enemies

The 23rd Psalm has always comforted me.  I memorized it as a child, and would repeat it at night before going to sleep, for comfort. My uncle had given me a little bible for Christmas. I went through the bible cover to cover and it was at the front of it that someone had printed out the 23rd psalm in the bible for children. My family didn’t go to church in those days, and yet God had his hand on me and led me to scripture for comfort.


I was thinking today about the 5th verse of the 23rd Psalm, which says “You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil, my cup runs over.”


This verse is interesting as it implies that even in the midst of our enemies, even when sitting right there with them, we have the anointing of the Holy Spirit and we need not fear them. In fact the anointing is so great that it literally pours out of the cup and runs over!


In the Old Testament “Oil” is used as a symbol for the Holy Spirit! Think about your life today, right now! Whom do you fear? What do you fear? Maybe, because of life’s difficult situations these days, you may have to literally sit down at a table in the presence of someone in your home who is an enemy. It may be a person who is totally against God and living their life as if going to hell is their goal. You can sit down in front of this person and thank God that you have the anointing that He has poured over you and nothing this person says or does can touch you!


Maybe your enemy today is lack of money, maybe it’s illness, and maybe it’s depression. Whatever that situation is that you are “sitting” with today, you will come out victorious if you can align your mind with that scripture. God doesn’t lie. Lying is not in Him. Write that scripture verse down. Have faith in it, and believe it. Nothing, or no person that you are in the midst of today, will have the victory! You will overcome by the anointing of the Holy Spirit in the midst of your problem.


We don’t’ spend enough time talking about the Holy Spirit these days, but we should! When Jesus ascended to Heaven he assured us that he was not leaving us alone. He told us that He was leaving the Comforter with us, in the “person” of the Holy Spirit.


There are times, when in the midst of adversaries, you may have to repeat that verse over and over in your head until you “feel” peace. You will be surprised at how getting your thoughts on that verse gets your thoughts off of the person across from you!


Wherever we are, whatever is going on, God is with us and we have the anointing. I have had times where I had to deal with an unpleasant situation or person that was filling me with anxiety. I learned to pray beforehand “Father, please anoint me with the Holy Spirit, send angels before me to prepare my way before I have to meet with this person.” I want you to know that simple prayer has never failed me yet!


Give it a try yourself! Believe and have faith in The Word of God!  People are human, people fail us, the Word of God never fails!


Father, we thank you today that your Word never fails. Give us peace in the midst of enemies. Your peace Father is so surreal that it astounds those around us when you flood it over us, in the midst of our trials. Thank you Father for “Peaces that surpasses all understanding” In Your Name the Name Above All Names we pray. Amen and Amen.


Jesus Can Set You Free And Keep You Free


Sometimes we have to let people go for their own good. We cannot carry people,through prayer, forever. At a certain point in our walk with God we have to quit eating baby food and start eating solid food. At a certain point we have to grow enough to step out and use what we have learned to help grow others in Christ. We cannot help others until we get free from things that hold us back. Why? Because people see that as hypocrisy. They then turn away from God and some never come back! I did that for years before I was completely set free from things ruining my testimony. 

If there is no growth it’s because we are sitting around singing the blues, full of self pity,  instead of trusting God to show us how to live joyful in good times and bad. It takes work that no other human being can do for us. 

Remember when Jesus said to the man at the pool of Bethesda, “Get up, take up your mat and walk.” The man had complained to Jesus that he had no one to help him to the pool for healing. Jesus healed him, but then put the responsibility right back on him.

It’s wonderful when Christians pray for us! It builds our faith when God answers their prayers for us.

It takes us making a decision to follow God,no matter how we are feeling, to stay healed. 

God healed me of depression several years ago. But that doesn’t mean depression doesn’t try to come back on me, because it does. I have been taught by God that I cannot give in to depression. You know some of my life, but I am pretty sure you don’t know all. Believe me when I tell you that I have a lot of reasons to stay depressed. The only way to be joyful, is for me to choose joy. If I start to think about my life and feel sorry for myself I can go down into depression really quickly. 

God has taught me that when I feel the first little bit of self pity I simply STOP and put my mind on God. I praise Him for anything I can think of. I read the Word, I read the encouragement others put online, I put on worship music and raise my hands and worship. 

It’s not always easy. But it works. You may not be battling depression you may be battling drugs, alcohol, anger, pornography. Whatever it is, you can get it off your mind and out of your life the same way!

We cannot spend the next five or ten years taking one step forward and two steps back and then expecting our friends to do the work that  we  need to do to stay free!

Someone, right now Jesus is saying “It’s time to get free and never go backwards! As you make an effort to take responsibility and stay free, I will meet you right where you are and keep you free!” 

God loves you! He really does! You have work to do in the Kingdom! Take up your mat and WALK!

In His Unconditional Love,

Cathie Miller

Living Through Unexpected Loss


At my age I have lived through a lot of people I knew, and a lot of people I loved,dying. It’s the unexpected deaths that are the hardest. The first unexpected death I remember was a friend who simply dropped dead on the basketball court,at Manzano High School in Albuquerque, when he was fifteen years old. We later found out he had a heart problem nobody was aware of.

We never expect to lose our loved ones. I lost both of my parents when I was young. It was the times,and the memories of those times, holidays, birthdays, that were so lonely without them. There were times when I reached a goal or got a promotion and I was excited and felt like calling my greatest supporters, mom and dad, and they weren’t there. There were the Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations where all of the other people I knew had their parent and I was alone.

I went through years of depression due to being alone in the world. I really understand loss because of struggling through my own.

Sometimes people ask me, “How can you still believe in God after all the losses you have suffered?”

I cling to Him because I have found he will never leave us, never turn against us, and he loves us unconditionally even when we aren’t being loving. He is my Heavenly Father and Mother!

When we come to crossroads in our lives we have a choice. When things seem horribly unfair we have a choice. When we lose someone unexpectedly we have a choice. We can trust God or curse God.

I choose to believe that all things in my life work together for good. I choose to believe that God has a plan and that He uses the hardest things in our lives to take us, like lumps of coal, and turn us into diamonds.

As hard as life can be I could never make it without Him.