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Cathie King-Miller is a Prophetic Christian Counselor, an Ordained Women’s Minister, a popular blogger, the author of four Kindle books, and a Content Creator of her YouTube channel featuring the Prophetic Daily Dialogue With God.

In the crucible of fire God taught her how to renew her mind and then instructed her to help others do the same. She is called to minister to hurting Christians and operates in the gifts of the prophetic, seer, words of knowledge and in teaching wisdom to edify, encourage and uplift.

Her simple, down to earth ministry has encouraged many in the last 18 years she has been ministering online.

For information on getting a Prophetic Word from God please email her @Belovedhandmdn1@aol.com

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Kathy – thank you for being a friend to God… I need a spiritual friend out here in Washington state. City of Puyallup. My email is Krazy4gracie@yahoo.com I would appreciate a link if possible to a prayer brother or sister. I’m single and recently retired as a flight attendant. Thank you for all your messages and encouragement …Luanne

  2. Just want to let you know God has been speaking to me about an earthquake happening in the west cost since last fall, in particularly near San Diego or near San Francisco. I see water filling from the ocean into California, causing Californua to be divided. Out of precaution my family took things down from high shelves and pack up valuables. When I heard your video last night it was confirming what I have been hearing. I am in Arizona near the border of California. Thank you for your obedience in giving that word out. May God supply all your needs according to his riches in glory and cause his face to shine upon you.

  3. Hi Cathie,

    Just wanted to tell you my wife and I just started watching your videos on YouTube and have become devoted followers. Each one one has hit home with everything that is going on in our lives. Thank you so much. By the way we are Christians who like your self are in the battle of our life’s and souls. God bless you.


    Richard Mello

  4. Do you provide spiritual counseling services online or via phone? I have tried emailing and asking yet haven’t received a reply so perhaps it’s an old email address? Please let me know. I very much resonate with your posts.

  5. Was looking for some new blogs about Christianity and liked your post for today~~then I look on this about page and see where you live and all I can say is… the Spirit led me here.
    I am a former resident of Taos… had to move back here to cold Wisconsin to be near my children.
    Bless you… and welcome to the blogging experience. Check out my blog– it may interest you, I too am a work in progress!

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