Dead Churches Spawn Dead Christians

Our first impression of Christianity begins at home. Some people had parents who argued all the way to church and started praising God the minute they opened the door to the church, sat through the sermon and started arguing again the minute they got in the car to go home. Some people had supposedly Christian parents who used drugs and abused alcohol. Some people had parents who had affairs while married and their children knew it. So when people saw hypocrites, first hand, it turned them against God. They believe all Christians are hypocrites because of what they saw at home.

Let me just say the minute you leave home, and are on your own, YOU are responsible for your relationship with God not your parents.

If the Church your family of origin went to spawned half baked Christians then it stands to reason that’s not the church for victorious Christians. Close that door and find an on fire for the Lord church!

Christianity is not boring when you find the right church with people who live God all through the week and not just Sunday. These people get together for a whole lot of fun things, football games, dinner, Valentine’s Day. These people study the Bible together and counsel one another when they have hard times!

You will never grow in a church where people do what they please and take God along. God’s rules for us does not mean he is an old meanie. I have learned his rules are to help me live a successful and peaceful life. The Bible is a guidebook for successful living.

Tomorrow is Sunday find a couple of on fire churches and visit one each Sunday until you find one that feels like home. Don’t stay stuck in dead churches and then expect your life to change for the better!

Just saying…..

In His Unconditional Love,


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