About Prayer Answers

Our prayers MUST line up with the Word of God. For instance, If one of the Ten Commandments is “Thou shall not commit adultery,” and you are praying for a man or woman of God to leave their spouse and marry you, your thinking is wrong and God will not give you someone else’s spouse.

If our prayers line up with the Word of God then we have to continue to have faith that God will answer those prayers. Nothing can stop them. I literally pray God’s Word over the desires of my heart because I know God will honor his Word when the time is right.

Sometimes people get mad at God for not giving them something that they prayed for that doesn’t now,or never will,line up with God’s will.

God, like you and I, wants the best for his kids. His best for us is not the devil worshipping unbeliever no matter how good looking we think they are.

Don’t get mad at God for not giving you something that will destroy you in the end!

In His Unconditional Love,


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