You Have Stayed Too Long In This Place


“You have stayed too long in this place”
Deuteronomy 1:1-8


There are times in every life where we become comfortable and sometimes too comfortable. Even when I worked as a volunteer with domestic violence victims they often “Stayed too long in this place.”


I think change can be hard. Even in an abusive situation people often feel like at least they know what to expect and they are at least surrounded by their things and as bad as it is it is comfortable to them in that way.


Are you feeling stuck today? You are in a rut? You get up each day and follow your routine to a “t” and yet you know that something is missing. Sometimes you have become too familiar with your life and knowing what to expect.


If nothing is moving forward in your life it could be that God wants to say to you, “You have stayed too long in this place.”


I think another reason we stay stuck is fear, fear of the unknown. You know the saying “Better the devil you know then the devil you don’t know.” We are afraid we won’t make it, we are afraid that we will fall flat on our faces and we don’t like the feeling of change for that reason.


The problem, as I see it, is that we forget what a MIGHTY God we serve. We think that we have to make things happen, we think we have to have each and every move planned in advance to feel comfortable about a life change.


As I found myself praying, once upon a time, regarding a life change God gave me clear direction that I was to move forward and away from the rut circumstances had placed me in. Yet, as much as I believe I am a faith warrior, fear began to encompass me.


As I begin to pray about that God spoke the following to my heart; “If you set out on an uncertain path in faith and sudden fear grips your heart, know that it is a device of the enemy. I am not the author of fear but of courage and a settled mind.”


I knew that God had something He desired for me to do but I didn’t have a clue what it was at the time. I did know that whenever I prayed about the situation of moving on, from the situation I was in at the time, a wonderful peace would come over me. It made no sense in the natural because I just sensed I was to leave and didn’t know where God was going to send me next.


Each day, as I waited on the Lord, it became clearer and clearer that He was in the midst of the situation. One door after the other started to open in front of me in miraculous ways. God was working in such a mighty way that it literally took my breath away. Each day God began to teach me that Satan was trying to keep me stuck in a bad situation to blind my eyes to the good God had placed directly in my path.

God may have another work for you to do, Beloved. It awaits only your willingness to trust in God no matter how much faith that takes.


God spoke to my heart that I was not to worry regarding the ways my provisions would be supplied. He spoke to my heart that there are no limits to His promises.


I want to speak to any of you today who have wavered about a “move” you feel you need to make. I believe God would say to you, “Delay no more. Obey me and do so quickly as a door is opening to you that may soon be shut. Renew your faith and look directly to Me. I will empower you and I will make ALL THINGS possible as you move forward in obedience to Me.”


I believe we have a certain level of faith at times. We can believe for a small amount. When it comes to miraculous levels of help, that we need, we have a harder time believing for a move of God. Yet, I believe that our faith will be increased as we take a massive leap into the unknown and see God perform miracles for us there.


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