Having A Hard Time Sleeping?


Do you have a hard time sleeping because of worry thoughts that constantly bombard your mind? Do you finally get to sleep only to wake up early and toss and turn again with worry?


Worry starts, nine out of ten times, when we have done everything we know to do regarding a situation and we are frustrated because nothing seems to be “moving.” Bill collectors are still ringing our phones off the hook, we still don’t know how we will pay the house payment, much less our utilities…and then there is our car payment and without our car how are we going to get to work or look for a job…and on and on and on. Sometimes in my minds eye, at one time, I felt I could almost see Satan laughing hardily as I tossed and turned.


One night, as I struggled with all this worry it was as if God spoke to my heart “Cathie, are you trying to get my job?” I thought, “I don’t know what you mean Lord.” “Well, there is only one God, and that is ME!” God went on to impress on me that I was trying to do everything on my own. Finally it dawned on me that I was putting my trust in my own ability to solve my problems and not obeying God! Jesus says that if we are burdened and heavy-laden we should let Him take this upon Himself. (Matthew 11:28)


As people who profess to believe in God then shouldn’t we take Him at His word? Why is it that we don’t trust Him with everything? Nothing that we do will accomplish anything. Think about the last time you had a problem with worry. Did all your worrying accomplish anything? The bible says it is not “By power or by might, but by the SPIRIT” The problem is taken care of by the Holy Spirit if we can only trust Him with it. (Zechariah 4:6)


The bible tells us that when the Holy Spirit comes He, and He alone will lead us into all truth. We need to get to the point in life where when we pray about something we leave it at the foot of the cross with calm assurance that God will give us answers. Sometimes He brings someone in your life to help you, sometimes you get a “God Inspired” idea, and at other times God sends an Angel before you to give you favor with your bill collectors. I don’t know how He will do it for you, but I know He will!


When I was first trying to get over my worry thoughts I was in a Goodwill store and ran across some cassette tapes that helped me greatly. One of the tapes was an old one entitled “Binding Fear and Anxiety.” The minister that made the tape quoted nothing but sixty minutes of scriptures regarding faith. I played it over and over and I experienced God’s touch in many areas of my life. For one thing Satan was no longer able to bombard my mind with worry thoughts. I used a headphone and all other noise left as I let Gods Word minister to me. I would advise you to look for scripture tapes online, or make your own tape. Filling my mind with the Word changed my life. Desperate times call for desperate measures. For me, God led me this way to renew my mind. God will do the same for you!


In closing remember the Word, “The God who watches over Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers.” God is up all night. He works the night shift for you. Release your worry, give it to God and watch Him work supernatural miracles in your behalf.



Are You Ready For Your Suddenly?


Luke 24:4

At this they were in great perplexity, when suddenly there stood by them two men whose raiment flashed like lightening..


In prayer and meditation in the last week the Lord has been talking to me about suddenly.


Suddenly means “at an instant.”


God spoke to my heart that there are those who have been praying for certain things for a long time. Some have been praying for years. People have wanted to give up, thinking to themselves that nothing is ever going to change and that their prayers are never going to be answered. A whole lot of people are at the point of wanting to give up. They know that the things they are praying for are not against God’s will and yet STILL nothing is happening. They wonder “Is God hearing my prayers? Why doesn’t He answer me?”


God is saying that this is a time of suddenly. In an instant you are going to see some things change before your eyes. It’s a season of reversals. Things that have been not moving are going to start to move.


I also see that things will happen suddenly with no time of preparation. Like the bridge that fell in Miami, it did so SUDDENLY. People were caught underneath it suddenly. There was no time to ask for forgiveness, to quit a bad habit, or to repent. It happened in an instant. At that time, for those involved, it was what it was. God is saying that we need to be ready to meet him at all times, because things can change suddenly. Are we ready to meet him at all times? We need to be because this is time of sudden changes.


God is going to restore health and wealth suddenly. He is going to turn the wealth of the wicked over to the Godly and it will happen so suddenly that you won’t be able to catch your breath.


Faithful givers, sacrificial givers, will have things given to them from places they never expected. Money will literally seem to appear from nowhere. God is going to not just give provision for your vision but give in abundance, you will have enough to bless others and take care of yourself and your family.


There are 87 occurrences of SUDDENLY in the Word of God.


Here are a few..

Matthew 8:24

But suddenly there arose a great storm on the Lake, so that the waves threatened to engulf the boat; but He was asleep.


Mathew 17:3

And suddenly Moses and Elijah appeared to them conversing with Him.


Mark 13:36 lest coming suddenly he might find you sleeping.


Luke 24:4

“So be careful, or your hearts will be loaded down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day will come on you suddenly.

Suddenly things are going to change for you. I believe it with all my heart! God is getting ready to move things suddenly and nobody will be able to shut the door God is opening in front of you!