Situations Are Not Hopeless With God


There are times in life when we are faced with what looks like hopeless situations.

I have experienced some really hard times in life and yet here I am sitting here trying to encourage you. Why? One Word JESUS.

It doesn’t matter if the hopeless situation is your fault or the fault of someone else. God see’s you just where you are and in comes quickly to your side.

What type of hope are we talking about here? We all desire a life free from trouble. We would all love to live in a world where divorce never happens, families never fight, jobs never end and bills are always paid leaving us more then enough money to enjoy ourselves. Though we might desire this kind of a life we have to face facts that that type of problem free life doesn’t exist on this planet earth.

Unless our faith is tested, every now and again we never get to see how strong our commitment to God is.

In the mid nineties my faith was tested severely. Two weeks prior to Thanksgiving I was laid off my job. I never saw it coming. As it was I was living payday to payday as a single mom. What made it even more discouraging was that the worse time in the world to look for a job is during the holidays. People just don’t seem to hire then. I realized I would need a miracle and so I started looking for another job. God gave me a miracle, a few days before Christmas the human resources manager called me and said, “Merry Christmas you have a job if you want it!”

As committed Christians the rules do not apply. You know those rules that say it’s harder to find a job over forty, and no one hires during the holidays, and blah, blah, blah. With God on our side we walk in supernatural miracles.

Our hope is in God. God is our heavenly father. Like any loving father He doesn’t like his children suffering and He sends warring angels to our sides to fight off all oppression.

God took all my props away from me early in life. I am an only child and both of my parents died when I was fairly young. I had no siblings to run to and no parents to run too. I had no backup system but God.

I read the scripture that said, “The Lord thy God shall be your husband.” I took that literally and when I had a problem I ran to Daddy God with it. Each time He came through my faith got stronger and stronger.

Beloved, do the best you can do and God will do the best He can do for you. Until you understand that other people are not your help in hopeless situations, and go straight to God with your problems, things will not change for you. You have to start taking God’s word literally, what He says He will do, He does. Believe it!

You have to be rooted strongly in God because his supply never runs out. He has resources you can never imagine. It won’t usually happen like you expect. God delights in answering our prayers in unique ways. I remember when my children and I had eaten oatmeal for a week. Times were desperate. Just about when I was about to give up a neighbor showed up with four bags full of food. She said, “God woke me up last night and said you could use this food.” The thing about it was that the woman was not saved. As a matter of fact she had a reputation of being a drunk in our town. But, that woman had a heart of gold. If you wait around for church people to help you might often go hungry. I have been blessed more in my life by ordinary people who God used then religious church people. I often have people come to me and ask for prayer, that are losing this, that and the other and yet when I ask them if they are givers they tell me, “I don’t have any extra money.” I want to say “that’s why you are having financial problems.” We have all heard the story of the widow in the bible who gave her last coin and how blessed she was by God for that sacrificial giving. I once taught this principal of giving and a woman decided to put me to the test. I had said, “Give what you can give even if it is only a candy bar. Bring it in and place it on someone’s desk at work. That woman sent me a candy bar in the mail, sort of mocking my statement. What she didn’t know that when I received it I was really craving something sweet and truly enjoyed it.

When you give to others God gives to you at a time you most need it. If we are stingy, then God is stingy with us. I want to assure you that if you have planted seeds God will give you a harvest at a time you need it the most.

Don’t give up. God is on the scene! You never know whose ear He whispers in to answer your need. BELIEVE and receive!

In His Unconditional Love,

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