Vindication Now Says The Lord God

The Lord has been speaking to me this evening about vindication.

To vindicate means to clear someone of blame or suspicion.

God spoke to my heart that some of us have been right with him, living for him, for years. Yet there are people in our lives that are still holding the past against us. Family and friends who refuse to give up the past and constantly hold on to things they shouldn’t hold on to. Satan has been using the things these people do and say to break our hearts. Things that are no longer who we are or being used against us.

God is getting ready to vindicate his people. Those who have lied about and tried to hurt the people of God are getting ready to have the tables turned on them. God is no longer going to sit back and allow those who are His beloved children to be abused by these heartless hypocrites.

Get ready, beloved of the Lord! You stand at the door of vindication and woe to those who keep using your past against you! ENOUGH says the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!

In His Unconditional Love,


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