Christians and Halloween

Knowing the pagan roots of Halloween I have a real problem with celebrating it.

I am going to admit, right hear and now, that it was soooo hard for me, as a mom, to deny my children the fun everyone else was having.

I remember once, prior to backsliding and then being restored, the church we attended in Washington State had a party where the kids dressed as biblical characters. Looking back on it I guess it was still participating in Halloween because you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

I was a mess as a mom, But “saved and sane Cathie,”If I could do it over, would have sat my kids down when they were small and told them the history of the major demonic holiday. I then would have done something special including favorite movies, not horror flicks, and pizza, goodies and fun just for our family.

Think sanely Christians. Why would we celebrate a holiday dedicated as Holy by demons fathered by the devil? I know it’s hard but if we are truly saved it should prick our consciences to celebrate Halloween.

In His Unconditional Love,


One thought on “Christians and Halloween

  1. Agreed! Here in Australia it is becoming more and more popular. We hold a “light party” for our kids and whoever wants to come instead but this year I want to try something new. Last year a woman in our Church gave out candy with Bible tracks attached – brilliant! What better way to spread the Gospel than piles of kids literally coming to your door! After all the holiday is evil, but God loves kids (as we should) and uses evil for His good!

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