When We Die

Since I am at the age of “studying for the finals,” I have seen a lot of folks die. Some, like my sweet friend Kim, die young and go unexpectedly. Some simply die of old age. I truly have total peace regarding death. I believe that those who live in Christ have souls, which Christ said will live eternally, forever! Those who die lost, without Christ, should live it up now because for that man or woman this is the final place of living it up.

The Word of God says we sleep in Christ until he returns and at that time the dead in Christ go with Him to live with him eternally and those who are alive in Him will then go to eternal life. The others either go to hell or being dead and already residing there, depending on your interpretation of the Word. God took me to hell in a dream once. I won’t go into now but it was so horribly frightening. I saw people I knew there, it truly was a place of constant torment. I was never as happy to wake from a dream as I was from that one.

Kim’s son told me he had a dream about Kim. He said she looked young and had a peaceful, mystical look on her face. He asked her where she was and she told him, “I don’t know but I like it here!” I was so encouraged by that. Her soul is simply resting in peace until Jesus returns for us! What a wonderful confirmation of the Word of God!

In His Unconditional Love,


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