Free Book Offer Love Addiction Help For Christians


Free Book

I give thanks and glory to God for selling my books this past month in the USA, Japan and the UK! Truly a miracle as I have no agent other then God. If you know how many books are for sale on Kindle you would understand why it’s a miracle to sell any at all. 

I sell my books for $2.99 a piece as I want those that need the knowledge God gave me to be able to get it. It does take time to write them, put them in the right format, etc. I praise God for the ability to do it. Right now the extra income is a huge blessing to us during some difficult times. 

In celebration of God blessing me I would like to bless others. For those of you who are interested I am offering my most popular book; Love Addiction Help For Christians for FREE. Starting at midnight tonight the 21st(Monday) and lasting until Midnight the 23rd, Wednesday.

If you know someone who would enjoy the book please let them know too.

Go to Amazon. In the search line put Love Addiction Help For Christians and my name. Not until midnight tonight for those of you in the US!

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