2 thoughts on “Your Broken Heart

  1. My father died in 2018 and rejected the Lord Jesus Christ so he did not go to heaven but went to hell. To this day my heart is still broken for him and what he is suffering. I am Jewish as is my family and am a born again, spirit filled believer in Yeshua since 1990. I am now living with my unsaved mother since 2018 and am praying for her salvation as well as my brother, his family and my extended family. My Dad now knows the truth but it is too late for him. I am an intercessor who has waited 25 years for God to heal a spirit of infirmity in my body w/many physical afflictions. I have had emotional healing and deliverance through the years. In January 2021 the Lord spoke to me and said that as I worshipped the Lord then he would heal my body. Within a week the enemy attacked me with bronchitis for 5 months. I could not pray, sing or woship the Lord. Finally the Lord gave me Exodus 14:14 and told me that he would fight this battle and I need only to be silent. I was silent for a month and then the Lord sovereignly healed the bronchitis after all medications failed. So now I am finally free to worship. the enemy tried to silence my voice with the bronchitis so that I was unable to worship the Lord in order to be healed. God taught me some lessons about being silent before Him at times. Then he gave me Jeremiah 33:3. I have been mostly alone during Covid for the past 15 months-just me, my mom and the Lord.
    I just felt to share this with you. Thank you and God Bless you!

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