You Don’t Have To Like All Christians

Please understand that you may not be equally yoked with all Christians you know. You can love them as a brother and/or sister in the Lord but your soul won’t resonate with their soul.

You won’t click with them and you may not even enjoy their company.

We don’t need however to judge them and the way they do things differently then we do. As long as they aren’t teaching heresy we need to just dwell in peace with them.

One of my mentors used to tell me to take the meat of these Christian’s (meaning good teaching) and throw away the bones(things about their personality that we don’t understand.)

I will do that ,and sometimes, as I get to understand them better, I begin to like them more. Other times, because we are basically so different, they can begin to make little comments and judgments that mean they don’t understand me. I will overlook it for awhile but if it becomes hurtful I will simply unfriend them. They don’t see that I offer them anything and I don’t need constant jabs at my soul.

Just because we are both Christians doesn’t mean we will be at the same level of learning and understanding. Amen?

Sometimes we have been raised by people who have shamed us. We then begin to believe we have to like everyone or we are not good Christians. That’s the devils way of keeping us somewhere to be abused.

In His Unconditional Love

Cathie Miller

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