2019 The Year Of Restoration


Prior to last weekend God directed me to pray for folks in critical situations. He told me that it didn’t matter what the situation was, I didn’t need to know. He just wanted me to pray. I went in to prayer from Friday night until 8PM on Sunday. I have had a few other people call or write me for prayer this week. I have continued to pray for them all. I got a praise report yesterday that was so encouraging. I have a friend whose Son is getting married soon in another country. She wanted her cousins to be at the wedding and yet try as they might the Visa’s had not come through. After taking it to prayer I heard from her the next day that, miraculously, the Visa’s finally came through.

We serve a mighty God who delights in answering the prayers of His children, just as you and I are happy when we can get something for one of our own children that they really want. First and foremost God is a Father. Never forget that. He has a father’s heart and yet He loved us so much he sacrificed His one and only son for our sins.

At the end of my first prayer time, Sunday evening, I felt a Word coming from God. The air was electric and there was a sense of urgency. You know that feeling when someone tells you that they have something to tell you that’s really great and how you can hardly wait to hear the news? That’s how I felt.

Finally the Lord started to download His theme for 2019 into my spirit. This current year, 2018, the theme he had given me was EXPOSURE. He told me that we would see things brought to light that had been hidden for a long time. I truly saw these things occur all year long. On Sunday, just before the end of my first prayer time, I got a message from my daughter. She directed me to an article regarding an ex-husband who had terribly abused me. This was not my daughters father. It was another man I had made a horrible mistake and married. The marriage was so emotionally and physically abusive that I almost lost my mind. I wondered for years if this man was ever going to have to pay for what he did to me. I left it, finally, in God’s hands. So many folks didn’t believe me. Abuse is like that. The abusers are often really nice in front of others, but horrific when you are alone. Now here, just as God had promised, all this mans horrific sins were being publicly exposed in his home town. It was hard to read. There were sexual sins I knew nothing about. People were discussing them and making comments about what a bad person he is. His horrible life of sexual addiction had finally caught up with him for all the world to see. We are not to feel joy when our enemies fall. It was not joy I felt. It was vindication. Finally everyone would know just how evil he was.

It was right after that revelation that God began to unfold his Word for 2019. Gods excitement over giving me this Word was electric. The atmosphere was alive with promise.

At first all He said was RESTORATION. I said, “What Lord,?” Again he repeated “RESTORATION”

He then said that every single hurt, every single loss, every single time one of His children was cheated out of love, health, money, was going to be recompensed to them. He began to express to me how hard it has been on his heart to see all of His Children in emotional pain and not be able to heal their broken hearts. He said, “There are things my children have had to endure in order to be fully mature and so they have not always understood that. They felt abandoned and as if they were walking through the valley of the shadow of death. I saw that, and it broke my heart. I was separating the wheat from the tares and by doing so I found who was so loyal, so in love with me that they stayed faithful through all. Not understanding what I was doing but still staying true to me. I needed ministry leaders who would be ready to minister in greater ways because they too had experienced a crucifixion of soul and now their compassion for others in much greater, it is only through crucifixion of soul and body that leaders are born. Christ was the sacrificial lamb that first went through horrible pain and rose again well and fully anointed. Many will not grasp that, or want to, but to whom receives much anointing, much is required. The anointing comes with a great cost.

Now even in this month many will start to see supernatural restoration of things that they thought were dead. Businesses that were looking dead will be restored. I am sending provision for Godly businesses. It will seem to come as if “out of the blue.” It comes from Me. Never doubt that. I am restoring finances that were lost because of life circumstances that were hard. Homes that were lost, things that had to go at that time will be restored to use for my glory. Anything not used for my glory will be taken back again. Everything you have is from me, by my grace. Health healing will be quick and miraculous. People will stand in awe of what I intend to do. Those who have given up on being healed will be wonderful witnesses to my healing touch. Money will appear for my givers. It should be used in giving more. The more you receive the more you must give. If you receive a gift, tithe from that also to another individual in need. That is how my heavenly finances are meant to work. Debts will be dissolved supernaturally this year. REMEMBER these things are for my glory, not to be used selfishly! In order for revival to start this RESTORATION is necessary. The people of this particular season are so hardened they will need signs and wonders to believe. I will be working these signs and wonders through those who have endured horrible sufferings. These are my beloved children and I am proud of them and secure in the knowledge they will not leave me or forsake me. They are standing on the brink of miracles. 2019, for believers, will be full of miracles. The minute you look at a situation and think, “It is over, nothing can be done here, I will miraculously bring it back to life in ways you were not expecting or anticipating.

Stand firm my daughter and watch my restoration come to pass for those who have suffered much. Other people who come against my beloved will be shocked to see the horrible things they planned for me children come back on them.

Restoration, Restoration, Restoration. Stand firm and see the start of many miracles. Continue in supernatural love. Don’t worry about finances, as you give into my people of your time, your gifts and your money it will come back to you in greater amounts.”

And then the atmosphere changed into one of reverence as I went into praise and worship.

Look, beloved for restoration of all you have lost. Look expectantly.

In His Unconditional Love,


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