These Dreams

Wow! What a night! Most people can possibly guess that as a counselor one of the main things I counsel is relationship problems.

Last night God gave me a dream that was like a feature movie starring every type of dysfunctional relationship I have ever seen. God was making it clear what he wants for his Godly daughter’s. The men in my movie dream were not what God has in mind.

Satan always sends a counterfeit before God sends the real deal. In one of my books I discuss how when you are hungry, and can’t find the time to leave work, you run into the break room and grab something from the vending machine. It might take away the hunger for a while, but it never satisfies for long. Come away from vending room dating! No matter how hungry you are you come to regret it later when the plastic wrapper comes off the person and you see the real deal!

Trust God and be patient. Know what you want and don’t settle for less. A Christian man who loves God, knows the Word, prays daily and treats you like Queen Esther is always you best bet!

In His Unconditional Love,


Author name= Cathie King Miller for my Christian Books

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