The Importance Of Respecting Elders In The Faith

Christian’s, if someone we know is older in the faith, and still loves and obeys God, then maybe we do ourselves a disservice when we don’t listen to what they say regarding God and keeping the faith.

Everyone who is saved will reach a crossroads experience at least once. That’s a place where we pray about something and it doesn’t turn out like we want it to turn out. During these times some will take the path of trusting God and others, because of free will, take the path away from God and back into the world.

Please understand that the elder saints have been through the crossroad experience and passed the test. They have been taught in the crucible of fire and passed the tests there. This is not to say they will not continue to be tested while in these suits of flesh, because we will all be tested until the day Christ comes to take us home.

When you are remodeling your home and need advice about plumbing, let’s say, do you go to someone who is an apprentice or the man who has been a plumber for twenty years?

Every time in my life when I have puffed myself up with pride and thought that I knew more then my elders in the Lord, who have been around longer, or think I am wiser then them because I have more anointing, I have fallen flat on my face.

No one will go further then you without God’s permission. God chooses to showcase some and often times leaves others, with just as much favor, in the background. I have learned that He is God and, as tempting as it is at times, I don’t question him.

When we first start out in our chosen profession we think we have “arrived.” Twenty years, or more, down the road we realize that we learned the most through on the job training, not education.

We have to stay humble and have a teachable spirit. The whole Christian life consists of learning and teaching, learning and teaching, learning and teaching.

Who are we to grieve the spirit by disregarding the teaching of our elders? Instead of calling a friend when we have a problem we should first take it to God, and then discuss it with someone older in the Lord.

Likewise, you who are younger, be subject to the elders. Clothe yourselves, all of you, with humility toward one another, for “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” 1 Peter 5:5

I said all that to say this, the help we need is there from experienced elders, we simply have to ask. The wisdom you seek is hidden in little ministries that are not flashy and don’t seek attention. Pray for God to direct you to an elder Christian and pray to have a teachable spirit.

In His Unconditional Love,

Cathie Miller

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