Vietnam Remembrance Memorial Day

Me and my kid’s father. R&R in Hawaii. If you notice I looked sad. He was getting ready to go back to Vietnam and this is right before we left the hotel room for him to get back on the plane.

He would go back and less then 2 weeks later they were sitting on a hill eating and saw Viet Cong below. They called in air fire. Vietnam was mostly jungle and hard for the pilots to see clearly. Instead of hitting the VC they hit our own troops sitting on that hill eating. The guys on either side of Jim, the guys he served with and was enjoying a meal with, were blown to bits. So were others. Jim made it but in my mind he was never the same. Neither were a whole lot of Vets. They took young kids and drafted them out of high school and college and literally threw them into that war. So yeah, I will fly my flag. Some gave all and others were called baby killers and murders when they got off the planes coming home in Los Angeles. Appalling! It’s Memorial Day but it’s a day of respectful remembrance not partying for some.

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